Production of adhesive tapes and barrier tapes.
Processing of graphic designs FOR FREE
Action: Stretch films already from 2,47€/pc!
Action: Adhesive Tapes already from 0,33€/pc!
30mic thickness in price 28 mic thickness
News: We have also made PVC printed Adhesive Tapes in thickness 35mic

Welcome to Adhesive tapes

Do you run a business and look for an effective advertising medium? Do you ship packages to your customers and want to be introduced as a professional for only a couple of cents? Use printed adhesive tapes with your advertising text! Besides the fact that the high-quality adhesive tape protects your packages from getting damaged, it is also an excellent medium for advertising yourself, your company, good-quality services and products.



  • Regardless of the kind of adhesive or barrier tapes consumer you are - either small or big - do not hesitate to contact our company. We will definitely help you with making a selection that is tailored just for you. 


  • Please request adhesive and barrier tapes price offers either via e-mail at  or, or via on-line at Adhesive and Barrier Tapes section.

Moreover, we offer complete packing material, such as:

  • Boxes with labels
  • Bags with printing
  • Stretch foils


and also advertising services and products