Production of adhesive tapes and barrier tapes.

Printed Adhesive Tapes:


Adhesive tapes with an advertisement text represent a great medium for making people aware of your company.

The use of a printed adhesive tape will result in sending messages to your customers for just a couple of cents. The tape will also provide protection in case of interference with your goods and retaping packages. 


Only our tapes protect your packages and represent your company.


To make printing on tapes, we use up to 3 colours. In most cases, we print on tapes coated with acrylic adhesive, but we can also offer you tapes coated with hot-melt and solvent (PVC) adhesive. For printing, we use only Austrian, high-quality foils with the thickness of 30mic, 32mic, or 35mic. These tapes are characterized as highly adhesive and their quality is better than the quality of tapes manufactured in the countries of Northern Europe or Asia. The quality of our products will convince you. To print, we use lead-free eco ink produced by German and Spanish manufacturers. We use the most advanced printing technology and, thus, achieve the best quality-price ratio of the products we offer. Our highly qualified staff with many years of experience is ready to offer you the highest quality print and to select the most appropriate adhesive for the purpose of your packaging.


Only with our tapes your packages will become your real promotional tool.


What kind of tapes do we print on?


BOPP - acrylic, BOPP hot-melt, and PVC- solvent.

The minimum thickness of foils is 30mic; the maximum thickness is 35mic.


BOPP film Disperse water-based acrylic glue 

The glue is mostly used for sealing cartons; it can be used with goods stored for a long period of time at higher temperatures. The use of glue at low temperatures is not advised. After application, the glue resists UV radiation (long-term sun exposure) and oxidation quite well. 

PDF for downloading – Technical Data Sheet Acryl 30

PDF for downloading – Technical Data Sheet Acryl 32mic

PDF for downloading – Technical Data Sheet Acryl 30 colourful



BOPP - HOT-MELT - Synthetic rubber

Use: carton closure and wrapping foils. The glue is suitable for cold temperature, too. After application, it resists UV radiation (long-term sun exposure) with difficulties.

PDF for downloading – Technical Data Sheet Hot melt 30



PVC- SOLVENT – natural rubber glue

The rubber glue is highly effective; great results are achieved even under worse conditions (such as cold, moisture, and grease). The glue is not suitable for the long-term use with goods stored at higher temperatures. After application, the glue resists UV radiation (long-term sun exposure) with difficulties.


PDF for downloading – Technical Data Sheet PVC 35mic



How wide are tapes we print on?


The tapes can have different width, length, and colour.

The basic colours are transparent, white, brown (Havana).

Colour tapes: yellow, red, blue, orange, green, and black (for an extra fee of € 0.1/roll)


Adhesive Tape Thickness:

  • 30mic, 32mic, or 35mic

Adhesive Tape Width:

  • 25mm, 37. 5mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 150mm (50mm – standard width)

Adhesive Tape Length:

  • 5 m – 990 m (66 m - standard length)


Standard adhesive tape: 50 mm x 66 mm (36 rolls/carton)


Delivery Time: 2 to 7 days from an order confirmation date


We’ll gladly prepare a non-binding price offer for you. Use our form or simply send us an e-mail. 



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