Production of adhesive tapes and barrier tapes.

About us

ADHESIVE TAPES, s.r.o., the company with a continuous upward trend, is gradually becoming one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of printed adhesive as well as printed barrier tapes. We use the most advanced technology to achieve the best price-quality ratio of the products we offer. The quality of our tapes will convince you.


For the purpose of printing on adhesive tapes, we use only Austrian, high-quality foils with the thickness of 30mic, 32mic, and 35mic, or 50mic barrier tapes. Due to high adhesion and flexibility, the quality of these tapes is much better than the quality of tapes manufactured in the countries of Northern Europe or Asia.


To print, we use lead-free eco ink produced by German and Spanish manufacturers. Our highly qualified staff with many years of experience is ready to offer you the highest quality print and to select the most appropriate adhesive for the purpose of your packaging.