Printed adhesive tapes:

Adhesive tapes with promotional printing are an excellent medium to highlight your company. By using printed adhesive tapes, you can send a message to your customers for just a few cents. Such tape will also provide you with protection against your merchandise being taped over if someone else tampered with it. We print the tapes in one, two, or three colors.

Types of tapes:

  • BOPP with acrylic adhesive
  • BOPP with hot-melt adhesive
  • BOPP with solvent adhesive
  • PVC with solvent adhesive
  • Eco paper tape with hot-melt adhesive
  • Eco paper tape with solvent adhesive

We use only high-quality materials from European manufacturers, which have a film thickness of 30, 32, or 35 mics. These tapes are characterized by high adhesiveness and are of higher quality than tapes from Asian manufacturers. The quality of our products will convince you. For printing of tapes, we use eco ink without lead from German manufacturer PRINTEC and English manufacturer INKTECH. With the latest technology, we achieve the best price/quality ratio of our printed adhesive tapes. Highly qualified staff with many years of experience is ready to provide you with the best quality printing and selection of the most suitable adhesive for your packaging.

Only with our tapes will your packages become a real advertisement.

BOPP – Acryl – Water dispersible adhesive.

The use of this adhesive is most common when gluing boxes and is suitable for long-term use even at higher temperatures of stored goods. Use at low temperatures is not recommended. After application, the adhesive resists UV exposure (prolonged exposure to sunlight) and oxidation well.

Technical sheet BOPP – Acryl

BBOPP – HOT-MELT – Synthetic rubber.

Application – paper boxes and packaging films. Adhesive suitable for use in cold storage. The adhesive after application is less resistant to UV exposure (prolonged exposure to the sun).

Technical sheet Hot melt 30

PVC- SOLVENT – natural rubber adhesive.

Highly effective, excellent results even under poor conditions (e.g., cold, damp, grease). Not suitable for long-term use at higher temperatures of stored goods. After application, the adhesive is less resistant to UV exposure (prolonged exposure to sunlight).

Technical sheet PVC 35 mic

What widths are we suppressing?

The tapes can come in different widths, rolls, and colours:
The basic colours are clear, white, brown.

Colour bands: yellow, red, blue, green, orange

Adhesive tape thickness: 30, 32, or 35 mic

Tape width: 25mm, 37.5mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100 and 150mm (50mm standard)

Tape length: 33 m – 990 m (66 m standard)

Standard roll of adhesive tape: 50 mm x 66 mm

The delivery time of the adhesive tape is from 2 to 7 days from order confirmation.

Storage conditions for adhesive tapes

Printed adhesive tapes, as well as barrier, must be stored in dry storage areas, protected from humidity, rain, frost, UV radiation, and at room temperatures of +10°C to +25°C. Preferably in the original cartons in an upright position.

Our product is within specification during the warranty period. In case of non-compliance with technological procedures, improper storage, and improper application, our company does not guarantee the quality of the goods. All the above information is based on our measurements, testing, practical experience, and the technical specification of our raw material suppliers.


Before using our products, the user is obliged to satisfy himself with the suitability of use by his own test. For this printing (flexo printing-stamp printing), deviations in colour, length, and graphics (in the colour setting to each other) +/- 5% are allowed!!!

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